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Sinewy. Struggling.

A confection between needs and wants, baked by perseverance.

lost by disuse.

The first set of feet were far from a pirouette.

Today a drop, tomorrow a flood.

A life to be lived unchained and bound only to the highest expression of it’s soul.

A soul?

That stream of conscious that runs through our lives because it is our lives.

it must be loved and enticed through its blocks like a scared child hiding.

One must find what engages it.

And thus that part of ourselves learns to outweigh the majesty of life to it’s barbarity.

In the 25,000 years of “known” human history, things have never been so materially abundant.

Millena of Oxen were used and the average space they could cover was called an “Acre”

135 years ago cars were invented.

134 years ago tractors.

118 years ago flight first happened.

51 years ago went left earth and went to the moon.

We’ve never been more informed but more disturbed in spirit.

I do see the bright horizon is threatened in a sea of plastics.

But I also see a world, for the FIRST time ever in human history, looking at itself with almost all of the information.

There is so much power in an honest assessment and though our politicals are nothing but lie, honesty is deeply woven into the American fabric.

I hate poetry.

One ring of hell is a middle school Poetry Slam for eternity.

Another ring of hell is listening to your past lovers list their griefs with pedantically performed poems.

Below them are Grammar Nazi’s.

And since we’re talking extremes below them is everyone who ever wronged you.

and Below Below, Below that is… the you that dug so far into the earth, to escape it all that but no longer being able to hear,

that you can’t listen.

That’d be the final ring of hell.

Heaven would be that realization.

Enlightenment would be that it all was going perfectly.

Luke Sims

Not dead yet but excited.

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